Thursday, March 30, 2006

Your Guide to Achieving Marital Bliss - Pt. 1

Deb got her haircut. It’s really short. I like it. She looks cute. But I’m never sure how much of a fuss to make about a change like this. After ten years (almost) of marriage I should know precisely how to respond. But I don’t. I do think about how best I can make sure Deb feels good about her new style and how I can avoid being eviscerated by a single sideways glance. I’ve seen the impact a bad haircut can have on our lives. In fact, Deb once had a guy fired from a salon because he botched her bangs. This is why I invest some time and consideration into how I react to the results of her hair appointments. In fact, I could get downright clinical about the entire situation:

Please consider there has been no standard methodology applied in the development of this table and therefore it should not be used in actual marital discourse. That aside, the table indicates that being mildly complimentary will result in disappointment for Deb. On the other hand it does seem to be the best course of action for me especially when I’m unsure about Deb’s attitude toward her haircut.

Avoiding disappointment is always a priority so employing the slightly more risky option of being reasonably complimentary seems to be the way to go. One should note there is a fine line between being reasonably complimentary and overly complimentary.

That will be the focus of next week’s analysis.

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