Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blurry Breakfast with Whispering Scouts


Busy day.

While Deb spent her day helping the school district choose a new school district Superintendent (the woman does it all, I tell you) the girls and I hit the town.

We started off at the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. It's sort of a tradition for us. However it certainly wasn't the same without Debbie. But we did have fun.

Here's a picture of The Blarney Boys. Allie later described this duo to Deb by saying, "They hated each other." They did seem to verbally poke and jab and one another on stage, but I just thought that was their schtick. Oh well, their hatred didn't stop them from running through every Irish standard known to man. These guys looked old. Very old. At one point I thought someone should be up there with a crash cart and a bottle of oxygen. But they completed their set and even loaded up their own equipment. They loaded it slowly; very slowly.

Allie had her face painted.

After that we took Allie for a piano lesson. She doesn't normally have a lesson this time of week. It was a make-up appointment. Julia and I went to the Buy and Sell shop in the same mini-mall and looked at crap. I did find an old Barney Miller board game that I almost bought. Maybe next time.

After the lesson we went to lunch and then made it to the movie just in time. We saw Curious George. Both girls were very well behaved (unlike the little bastard who kept kicking the back of my chair throughout the film). The girls loved the movie and I have to admit I enjoyed it, too. That's one cute monkey, after all.

Julia, despite being crabby, emotional and extremely droopy eyed insisted that we go shopping after the movie. We got to the mall and they played on all the giant electrical equipment. After that we had Ice Cream of the Future. I'd never had Dippin' Dots before. It's hyper chilled pellets of ice cream that melt in your mouth. They're so cold that they are actually a little painful to eat at first. The extreme temperature didn't stop me a bit, although Julia decided to pace herself after her first bite numbed most of her face.

We went to a jewelry store so I could look at watches. At one point, Allie walked over to the sales person I was talking with and said, "You know; you really should have more than three cameras. There's a lot of stuff around here that people would want to steal." The salesperson looked at me and started laughing. I told her that Allie did security consulting on the side. The salesperson just kind of tilted her head at me and went back to laughing at Allie.

Suddenly I'm tired and need to stop typing.

I was going to go to sleep, but Allie started puking just a few moments ago.

I'm guessing it was the Kiwanis sausage. It just didn't seem right.

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