Friday, August 17, 2018

Is it too late to bathe?

Nobody cares what you think, and that's okay.

Not being the center of the universe takes a huge load off your shoulders. Unfortunately, it also means that many of your ideas and thoughts about this and that won't amount to much. Sure, you can put time and energy behind the stuff you care about and it'll make a dent, but all the throw-away thoughts just evaporate.

That's too bad, because my idea to provide universal health care was a good one despite the fact it relied on me having supernatural powers. 

Yes - I'm depressed. I'm feeling crappy and I almost certain it's the meds that I'm on for high blood pressure. Also, I'm wondering what life is going to be like when my kid leaves for college.

Lately, I don't have much of a problem with it because she's not being very considerate around the house. Cleaning up her messes and glaring at her when she's being rude isn't fun. But, I know those feelings are going to vanish as soon as I drive away from her dorm. Of course, they'll return quickly when she's back in the house, but in the mean time I'll walk by her empty room and wonder what she had for dinner or if she's keeping warm.

She's not going to school across the country. She'll be 25 minutes away. -I know, right?- I will see her when she wants to see us. She will need things or want to know about the huge number of fun activities we'll be doing now that she's out of the house.

Julia is standing next to me wondering what she should make for dinner. She has no idea what's in store for her. Neither do I, for that matter. She will become the only child and Deb and I will invest all of our time scrutinizing her every move and offering ample amounts of criticism and advice to get her through her days without a sibling.

It could wind up being the opposite. We'll completely ignore her. That might be incredibly liberating. The freedom of finishing out her high school days with little or no parental intervention. She'll experiment with all sorts of drugs and dangerous behaviors like mascara and Fortnite on an Android phone.


Finding a new refrigerator is just as scary. Our 20 year-old G.E. has a bacterial incubator for a water reservoir and it's incontinent in that its drainage lines get clogged and it pees on our laminate floors.

Laminate floors and refrigerator pee are a bad combo and that's enough to get me to try to find a fridge that's less that 68" high and 33.5" wide. Try it. You'll find refrigerators that will fit, but we'll need to hire an iceman to come by everyday and fill the cooler box so Allie's cranberry juice can be served at the proper temperature.

She drinks a lot of diet cranberry juice. It's always flavored with grapes, lemons or something that makes it taste unlike cranberry juice. I pray that her food service provider knows Allie is coming and that diet cranberry will be made available. But, I'd also like to see what her dining hall would look like in flames - so I'm torn.

I went to the local (as in four blocks away) appliance dealer to try to find a fridge. While I was there a dog came up to me and licked the awful rash that's on my shins. I felt awful, for the dog and for myself. I'm guessing he was trying to heal me and that made me feel a little sorry for myself.

I told you I was depressed.

Should I go to bed? I haven't bathed. It's 7:23 p.m. That's not too late to take a shower. I'll take a bath, put on one of the many ridiculous t-shirts that I own and try to sleep the fog and ache away.

Trust me - I'm not as bad as I think I am. I'm just trying to get you to lick the rash on my shins.