Sunday, July 31, 2022

Lose My Cool

For almost a month now we’ve been without a refrigerator. In fact, all of our LG appliances have decided 3.5 years is enough and have begun to rebel. This dishwasher won’t run a full cycle. The oven wouldn’t maintain temperature. And, the refrigerator wanted to become more like the oven next to it and heat our food instead of cool it. 

I did manage to fix the oven (so far) by installing a new igniter. But the other two appliances need a pro to come and set them straight. I was on the phone daily with LG service for weeks trying to get warranty repair for the fridge. It was only after I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau that LG decided to help schedule the repair and reimburse us for the food that was spoiled. 

The first point of this post is to let you know about my experience with LG. When we were buying, their products had great reviews and seem to be a solid, economical choice. We made a bad decision. If you are considering new appliances, please think of me and the cooler we stock with ice just about every day and how grateful we are to have Julia’s little dorm fridge to store the tiny container of milk that barely fits in the little cube. 

Yes, I’m being dramatic and it has been more inconvenience than hardship. But, 3.5 years is all we got from our appliances and that’s silly. So don’t buy an LG. 

The second point of this post is to express my gratitude to YouTube. I searched for “Why doesn’t my LG oven maintain temperature?” and a solution appeared. A person on YouTube showed me how easy and inexpensive it would be to fix my oven. They took the time to make a video that saved me time and oodles of money. There’s a lot wrong with YouTube, but finding a community of people willing to share expertise isn’t one of them. What a boon. 

Don’t buy LG. Do seek help from YouTube. Now Deb and I have to shop for new HVAC. LG has an HVAC division. . .