Thursday, October 28, 2021

First Post of 2021 - In October

Both girls are away at school. Deb and I are still working from home at the same table in the dining room. The cats are getting old and frail. I had kimchi for lunch and I like it (spicy sauerkraut). I bought tickets to see Tig Notaro but we have to wait until March for the show. I finished the Sandman Act 2 audio book/play and it was great (just like Act 1). I want to go see Dune in the theater. My parents will be moving into their new house on Dec. 3. I'm not decorating for Halloween and I don't know where we're going to spend Thanksgiving. 

I couldn't think of what to write but, now I'm pretty sure I could coax a blog post out of any one of the sentences above. 

I shouldn't. I was reading some of the old posts and wondered what has happened. I guess it's a lack of subject matter. I used to chronicle our lives and the girls would always provide something funny or interesting to write about. These days I got nothin'. So, I sit here in the basement and stare at the cats' water fountain. The sound of it makes me want to pee. 

Tomorrow I'm taking a half-day off and then I'll be skipping Friday entirely. I'll spend that time down here, in the basement, staring at the fountain and sensing that my bladder needs some relief. It'll be mostly that. I might take the wheel off my motorcycle. I have a new front tire and I need to put it on. I discovered a guy in town who can place the new tire on my wheel. He builds custom Harley trikes. I have a problem with being snobby about both Harleys and trikes but, this guy is cool. He's smart and funny and seems like a solid dude. I don't make friends anymore but, if I did I would try to recruit him. 

I'm not sure what that means. I don't know what I'd do with him following recruitment. I think we'd probably text a lot and I'd send him Tik Toks that made fun of trikes or something. I need to give some thought to how to be a human around other humans. Just not good at it. But, speaking of friends. . . 

Troy was texting me about buying a new Mac. I was giddy at the prospect of him getting a new system after having the old one for almost nine years. It is time. It makes me wonder if I need to upgrade to the new M1 chip. My Mac is only a couple of years old and I use it, primarily, to watch YouTube videos, shop for litter box accessories and type into this browser-based app. I don't need a multi-core processor to pull most of that off. Although, sometimes I edit a video or two and then I'm glad my computer has a little moxie. 

Troy does a lot more with his personal computing rig than I do. He needs the juice. He's considering something really cool. I told him when he gets it I'll invite myself for a sleepover and we'll make a pallet on his office floor so we can stare at his new gear all night. 

Is that what friends do at my age? I'm really not sure at all.