Thursday, November 20, 2014

Half Mile

This morning I adopted stealth mode and slipped into the shower while Deb brushed her teeth. I was so smooth I busted a rhyme:

I'm a ninja, in the shower
Gettin' cleaner by the hour
Usin' soap now for more power
You are jealous, your face is dour
'Cause I'm smellin' like a flower


Later the cat and I had words in the hallway. He was being pissy so I got in his face. His pupils dilated so I knew he got the message. Time for a rhyme:

You ain't nothin' but a cat
'Stead of hissin' better scat 
'Cause I'll end you with a splat


During the drive to work a small cattle trailer was next to me. I heard a "moo" from the trailer. It started as the "See & Say" kind of moo. Then it escalated into this weird moo and scream and it was extremely unnerving. It was 12 degrees so I'm guessing the cow was cold and, from the sound of things, it had a scary demon cow flogging it with heated barb wire. 

I don't have a rap for the cow thing. It was just kind of interesting.