Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Battle Royale

Mom suggested Old Spice and Eric thought Axe might be best for my pits.

I tried them both.

Monday I slathered on the Old Spice. It was too strong smelling and that's a bad thing because I thought the scent is a little on the feminine side.

I wore the Axe today. I like the way it smells and I'm surprised that it's a little more subtle than the Old Spice. Plus, if the commercials are right, the smell of this stuff drives women wild. Unfortunately, if I want to turn on the ladies I have to bury their heads in my armpits.

I'm surprised that I like the Axe. It seems too young for me. A little like me trading in my khakis for a pair of Von Dutch jeans. I also heard they're planning to ban the use of Axe products in a Cape Cod high school. People claim that perfumes, after shave, scented shampoos and what not are causing severe asthma attacks among the students and teachers. Chief among the products they're targeting are Axe deodorants and sprays.

In an effort to make a statement in support of the oppressed armpits of all those Cape Cod high school students I'll be wearing Axe deodorant from this point forward.

The battle has ended.

La mort à l'odeur de corps! Libérez les aisselles du monde!

Anyone want to buy a stick of Old Spice deodorant? Only used once.

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