Friday, April 02, 2004

Yes. Yes. April Fools.

No lice. Not even a flea to speak of.

I got Judy (and I think Claudette) via the Web and Marcia over the phone. I would have had Karina however my daughter joyfully made quick work of my plan to fool her daycare provider. "APRIL FOOLS! You're doing an April Fools, Daddy."

The little pisher. However two confirmed successful fools make for a better than average April Fools day. Thank you ladies.

Speaking of Claudette I hope she's feeling better. As much teasing as she took from me a few weeks ago converning her impending eye surgery I would feel very guilty about the least little complication.

More from the eye surgery front, Glenn just had his eyes cut into as well. We'll call this weekend and see how things went for both sets of peepers.

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