Friday, April 23, 2004

This morning I was shaving and I thought I should do something of substance with this site.

I mention the shaving thing because I usually have thoughts about my inadequacies while I'm scraping hair off my face. Not sure why. . .

I rely on the Web for most of the information I need to keep my days running smoothly. From how to reprogram my TV's remote control to a decent meatloaf recipe I look to Google to unlock the secrets of the universe for me.

It's time for me to give back.

I tried to think of something that I could post here that would bail someone out of a jam or turn him/her on to something new or unexpected. Like a wiring schematic for a 1952 Hamilton dryer or a walk-through on how to avoid second degree burns while setting your nipples on fire (and if you think there has never been a Google search for safe nipple ignition I'm certain you are wrong).

Turns out I don't really have anything to offer. Everything I know, you know. Even the stuff you're not supposed to know, you know because it's probably been used as fodder for a post.

These thoughts have caused me to walk around all day long in a state of mental constipation. The only thing I'm coming up with are the usual, vanilla anecdotes: Julia won't eat her vegetables and sits around talking like a miniature mobster all day (Eh? Eh? Eh?). Allie is enlisting everyone in the family in the fight against "evil weapons". By the way, we've all been assigned a color for our uniforms (think Power Rangers). Write me and I'll let you know what color and superpower you have. Debbie brought home Ding Dongs in an effort to kill me so she can finally have some peace and quiet (with a little insurance money on the side). Pig has begun shedding.

As I read the paragraph above, I'm thinking I really should try to find that 1952 dryer schematic.

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