Friday, April 02, 2004

Audrey? Audrey Seiler?

We were really worried about you.

Now. . . Not so much.

I was going to write something mean about Audrey but she's nuts.

When I go off the deep end I'd prefer a sympathetic word to a good raking across the coals so I'll skip the diatribe.

But people can't stop talking about Audrey's little adventure. I'm guessing those who spent a couple of days trudging through the mud looking for her have the most to say. I wonder if the same number of volunteers will turn out if our community is unfortunate enough to go through this again. I hope those numbers aren't diminished because we're all too cynical now to show up and help.

But I'm all about keeping things light here so I'll try to add this positive spin: Considering the amount of attention Audrey's abduction received I'm confident there are hordes of therapists who are aching to get in touch with the Seilers. I'm sure Audrey will get the help she needs.

I hope one or two of those mental health professionals will have time for Audrey's family. I imagine they're really confused right about now and completely stressed about the possible ramifications of Audrey's attempt to get some alone time.

I've got my fingers crossed that my kid doesn't ask to play hide and seek any time soon. After this Audrey mess I couldn't help but see it less as a game and more as establishing a pattern of behavior.

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