Friday, May 24, 2019


I didn't return to the squash club. Instead, I went for a bike ride. 

It was fun. It hurt. It's clear I need to ride my bike more than once every two years. It's a good bike. A Raleigh I bought for around $400 from Eric's Bike Shop in Madison. It was in response to selling my motorcycle. I thought it would provide me with the thrill of two-wheeled transport without the consequences of dumping the thing at 80 MPH. 

The thing is when I was growing up, Raleigh sold their name to Huffy and they turned out shit bikes. When the guy at Eric's tried to tell me that the Raleigh name had been restored as England's premier bicycle manufacturer I didn't believe him. Then he said for my needs (a street-worthy "comfort" bike) the Raleigh was my best bet and almost begged me to take it for a ride. 

I did and it was amazing so I bought it and a bike carrier to get it home on the back of my car. 

These days it mainly sits in the garage and waits. That's too bad. My neighborhood and Dane County, in general, is pretty bike friendly. I should be riding the thing all the time. 

There's a kid in our neighborhood about Allie's age who rides constantly. I'm told he's on the spectrum and that becomes pretty clear whenever you try to interact with him - no eye contact and he continues to listen to his radio instead of engaging. What he does do is ride. He takes lap after lap around the neighborhood. I'm guessing he has the legs and cardio fitness of a Tour de France veteran. He makes bike riding look effortless and oh so appealing. 

I'm trying to emulate him when I ride now. Next time out I'll take my iPod along and listen to music. It'll be a pleasant alternative to the elliptical. I need all the exercise options I can get these days. Right now I have four: long walks, squash, bike rides and the dreaded elliptical. I play tennis when I can and sometimes I'll hop on Deb's treadmill. 

I'm not sure why anyone would care about any of this. At the moment, I do. So, I'm putting it all down here in this supplementary post that, if my brain wasn't dissolving into much, I wouldn't need to create. 

I perfected the art of generating multiple paragraphs that say nothing in college. Looks like now I have no choice but to spew quantity rather than quality. 

-End Supplementary Post-

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