Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I Want to See it in Pieces

Tonight I didn't want to exercise. Every night, I don't want to exercise. 

I did it anyway because I made a deal with myself that if I closed my Apple Watch activity rings (move, exercise, stand) and ate alright for three weeks straight I'd join the squash club again. 

Four days to go. 

On this day (evening) I wanted to blow up my elliptical. I wanted to blow it up and watch the pieces fly into the air and then slowly settle on the ground because they were so tiny they floated like snowflakes. Instead, I got on the thing and watched a guy put together a Geo Tracker engine on YouTube for half an hour. 

Now I'm killing time waiting for 10:00 p.m. That's when I'm going to go pick up Allie who's working at Pick 'n Save over the summer. Julia and I are cooking up all sorts of ways to bother her while she's at work. I've always been really fond of embarrassing both girls at the supermarket. It was a hobby. Now that Allie's employed there I feel compelled to up my game. 

The place is just begging for cosplay. Princess Leia bagels. Carmen Miranda fruit headgear. The meat from Rocky. Although, coming through the checkout line decked out like that seems a little lazy. This requires something epic. Something that warrants a call to the fire department, police or maybe even the bakery manager. 

I've got all summer to think about this. I'm sure I'll come up with something. 

Tonight I also went to the tennis court and hit some serves. About 80 and then some groundstrokes against a backboard. My arm and back are angry with me. My brain is disappointed because I move the ball softly, slowly and without accuracy. I tell myself I'll visit the courts every night and serve 80 balls and groove my forehand until it is better than it ever was. I know I'm lying to myself but not completely. There were moments when my service motion was smooth and the ball effortlessly flew off the racquet's sweet spot. It was enough to keep me coming back. 

Uh oh. Quarter 'til. Better go buy some fruit, bagels and a lot of beef.

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