Friday, May 24, 2019

Missed a Post

I asked myself, “Did you blog?”

I  answered, “Yeah. I remember typing something earlier.”

I was mistaken.

That means two blogs today and some form of penalty - for you. Not me. 

Let’s see. I’m pretty sure I’m going to let us both off the hook. I’m typing this post with my thumbs and that means this will be a short one. 

I rejoined the squash club. I looked at my stats and it has been three good weeks! Plus, I took the day off and that gave me time to re-up. The club owner seemed happy to see me and even suggested a two-month membership in case my knee decides it’s not ready. That was very nice of him. 

I picked out my cubby hole (prime spot!) and tonight, after a long nap this afternoon, I’ll go fill it with shoes, glasses, a spare set of clothes, racquets and my balls. Then I’ll take it slow and just do some drills and maybe some light stretching. 

Yeah, right. 

I’m sure I’ll be in traction by 9:00 p.m. 

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