Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Like the Purple and Green Ones

The orgy of burst and boom came to an end around 10:30 p.m. last night. That was after Allie and I made our way to the fair grounds to see what fireworks the city had to offer.

We walked to our usual spot and put our blanket down next to an older guy wearing a hat that told us he was a Vietnam Veteran. He looked over at Allie and said, “Hi.”

Allie said, “Hi.”

“Are you ready for the show?” the guy asked.

As I watched Allie’s lungs fill up with air I knew this guy had no idea what he had launched.

home.Thisguyinatruckranoversomeofourfireworkstonight!Hejustpulledintoourdrivewayand. . .”

It didn’t go on as long as I expected but from the way our neighbor grinned at me it was clear he got more than he bargained for.

With a little help from our cell phones Larry and Karina found us and sat down on our blanket. Their three kids were already in their pajamas as we all waited for the explosions to start.

It was a good show. Parts of it were downright spectacular but I’m sure that was more a matter of proximity than anything else. Getting close to the action is vital to making any fireworks display great. When the first burst of the evening set off a bunch of car alarms it was fairly clear we were close enough for some greatness.

Allie was as vocal as she usually is. “That’s what I’m talking about, baby! Oooooh, that one thumped me in the chest! PRETTY!” In fact, we were all providing more commentary than usual. I’ve learned from Allie that while watching is fun, participating in anyway you can is more fun. Hence I threw in a few that’s what I’m talking abouts myself.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating - as much as I love the fireworks, I think I enjoy the walk back to the car as much, or more. Allie and I weave through the crowd and I listen to her go on and on about the fireworks or whatever it is that attracts her attention. I know just the right time to let go of Allie’s hand (before it gets too sweaty). And after there has been sufficient drying time, Allie’s hand always seems to find mine again. We talked about Naugahyde, North America, how nice it is to live in a small town and why the cookies from the bakery on Main Street are better than the ones from the grocery store.

When we got home we fired off our own contribution to the annual 4th of July ruckus. I decided I’d better get rid of the bigger stuff while everyone else lit their illegal mortars. It was clear that a lot of people decided this was the year to risk a fine. I didn’t feel as bad as I usually do that Deb had to miss out on the city fireworks because she was surrounded by some pretty high-powered stuff just standing in our driveway.

We still have a bunch of fountains left. If you’re interested, stop by this evening. We’ll be at the end of the driveway.

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