Thursday, July 05, 2007

Empty Trash? Yes. Empty Trash. NO! WAIT!

If you click on the multimedia button to the left you'll find a new movie at the top of the page.

Bay Beach.

It's a big hackin' file so if you don't have broadband, click it then go make a sandwich, mow the lawn, maybe rearrange your sock drawer.

I accidentally erased all the clips I used so this version is the only thing that's left of the footage I shot.

Good thing I wasn't messing around with our wedding video.


Anonymous said...

It's not working for me for some reason Greg. The other videos are so I don't think it's a problem with my browser.

Anonymous said...

It may be the size of the file. It does take forever to load. But believe me, the time spent waiting is so totally worth it. You are in for a real treat. I've got some amazing, pee-your-pants images that you'll want to watch, non-stop, over and over again.