Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Ancient Art of English Origami

Smart. Funny. Kind. We already knew that Kerry is a wonderful person. Meeting her in person just cemented our crush. Plus, everyone knows that if you show me how to convert a napkin into a chicken I have no choice but to fall in love.

Dan is nice.

Speaking for myself; the weekend went quickly. There were some peculiar moments – like when the girls and I were sneaking sniffs from the small bottles of shampoo Dan and Kerry had brought with them from England. It was as if we'd never seen toiletries before. In my head I heard a voice say, “Why are we smelling these peoples’ conditioner? Aren't we breaking some law?"

They brought gifts. I don't really remember what they gave our daughters and I think Deb got something. The important part is the assortment of sauces, chutneys and beer they gave to me. I've tried them all (except for the beer). Tonight it was turkey and cheese on a Ritz topped with a generous dollop of apple chutney.

I had eight of 'em.

It was a good weekend. I laughed a lot. I got swept off my feet. I mean, literally. At one point, Dan picked me up. I'm sure his intestines squirted into his scrotum. I can't remember a time when another person actually lifted me off the ground so whatever procedure he'll have to endure is worth it. But these people are full of surprises.

Marcia just called. She wanted to know how our weekend went. She gave me crap for not giving up our bed for Dan and Kerry's comfort. I can't really get my head around the concept of sacrificing for the benefit of others so I didn't have an answer. Then she asked, "Do you miss your friends?"



Dwayne said...

I miss you too!!

Anonymous said...

Amy and I are having twizlers for lunch, so from her perspective our trip was very worthwhile.

As for us, we had a great time. Both Kerry and I kept saying on the trip home how much we wished you and Deb lived nearer so we could spend much more time together (well, Ok - I was mostly saying "My legs ache" and "it's too cramped in here", but we talked about wishing you were nearer too). The weekend just flew past and I didn't have to fake an epileptic fit once.

Thanks so much for letting us intrude on your lives and putting up with us so graciously. Allie and Julia are a joy to be around. Julia had the odd moment when she behaved like a three year old, but they were exactly the same reactions that Amy would have had in the same circumstances (even as I type Amy is running around screaming because there is a fly in the room). It was nice to see other parents have to deal with it for a change.

Even the cats were fun, and Kerry's allergy didn't bother her a bit.

In short it was fantastic to meet you both properly, and the whole trip exceeded our already optimistic expectations. Hopefully you'll get chance to head our way soon.

Anonymous said...

It's really weird seeing my face on your flickr thingy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for having us. I had a brilliant time, but it feels so long ago already. My overriding memory is of laughing. A lot.

Thank you for sharing your life with us for a few days, I look forward to reciprocating.

No, go forth and amaze people with your chicken from a napkin magic skills!

Anonymous said...

Hey the chicken from a napkin is my trick - stolen by my daughter - now I am going to have to scour the land for something else to show you when we hopefully meet later this year. I'm glad you all had a great time, we enjoyed having Amy & Evan and the exhaustion levels are just about back to normal. The slippers are great, thank you so much, they will be worn with pride and panache! The steak sauce went down a treat with Archie.