Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Probably the only good thing about waking up at 3:00 is walking around the house and checking on the girls.

Many times I find them sleeping in some weird, contorted position. I get to straighten them out, place their heads back on their pillows and replace their blankets.

It's an opportunity to leave them in what I hope is a warmer, more comfortable state.

Sometimes, 3:00 means I get a chance to do my job.


Anonymous said...

Plus you get to comment on my blog and cause me to heave a sigh of relief

"Ahhhh" I say "Greg still loves me".

Of course I ignore the part of your comment when you say you hate me.

Steve said...

Leaving aside Dan's obsessive checking of his comments page which we all know he does at all hours of the day, no doubt including occasional trips to the keyboard at 3:00... ;-)

I am trying to wean myself out of checking the temperature of Oliver's room too often. Hayley has long since given up trying to have the baby monitor (which includes a temperature reading) on her side of the bed as she knows I will undoubtedly visit his room at least once in the night to check the heater is set correctly for the prevailing weather conditions. (It has a thermnostat, but it's not to be trusted I tell you.)

I will have to stop, or at least cut back, before the new baby arrives or I'll be completely zombified.