Monday, March 15, 2004

Someone in New York found Spalding Gray's body earlier this month. None of the articles I've read mention who found the corpse. I'm glad it wasn't me. I'd hate for that to become the defining moment in my life. However, at this rate, I can see how it easily could be. I'd be at a party and someone would say, "Oh hey, Carol, have you met Greg? Greg's the guy who found Spalding Gray's body back in '04." Then Carol would say, "Really." And then I'd say, "Yeah. He was wearing black corduroys." Then there would be an uncomfortable silence and Carol would slink away.

Dwayne's got a QuickTime movie of his new daughter, Lourdes, on his Web site. For those of you with slow connections and browsers that don't support multimedia I'll describe the scene. First you see the beautiful baby lying on a blanket crying. Then you see two hands gently tending the small bundle. Next the two hands tenderly lift the baby off-screen. If you turn your volume up, you can hear Dwayne in the background drunkenly slurring curses at his wife and child. Then you hear what sounds like some sort of power tool. After that there's a small thud as something hits the floor.

Mom stayed with us last week. I hesitate to mention this but by Friday she was puking.

Before before visiting our home, talk to your doctor if you
have kidney disease
have liver disease
have asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, or another respiratory disease
are depressed or have suicidal thoughts
are suffering from an imunodeficiency of any kind.

For more information contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Thank you.

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