Monday, March 01, 2004

If you haven't already heard, Debbie doesn't have strep throat. She does, however, have an allergy to Penicillin. Therefore if you were planning on giving her any Penicillin for her birthday you may want to rethink those plans.

Deb got the Penicillin that hasn't helped her symptoms and that has caused a nasty rash on her body from urgent care on Saturday. The physician's assistant she saw today doesn't know what it is causing her high temperature (102) and sore throat. If Debbie is not feeling better by Thursday she's supposed to go back to the clinic. In the mean time Deb was prescribed and alternate antibiotic despite the fact they don't really know what they're treating.

I don't want her to go to work tomorrow, but Deb says she'll need a doctor's excuse. That shouldn't be too hard to produce so hopefully she'll stay home rather than protract her healing process.

As for the girls; they don't seem to be exhibiting symptoms. Although Allie did say she had a sore throat this morning. One or two sips from a Dixie Cup seemed to help take care of that. Julia has been in a good mood (for the most part) and is quick to smile when smiled at.

As for me; I am surly to say the least. I've been taking care of stuff and trying to get some things done around the house (namely a semi-thorough sterilization) but I certainly haven't been very nice about it. So far I've slammed some doors and beat up an appliance ("Daddy, who knocked over the vacuum?"). I'm tired. What's more I'm thinking about the fact that I have to leave again on Saturday morning. But at least, so far, I have my health and with that in mind I should be a cheerful sunbeam.

I'm not.

I'm a prick.

Did I mention we're not alone in our misery? Poor Judy and Glenn. After helping us with the girls all week their reward was a nice bacterial/viral/whatever kick in the shorts. They left our house on Friday feeling like shit. Judy says the house is cursed and she won't be coming back.

Okay, she didn't say that. But I wouldn't blame her if she did.

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