Thursday, July 17, 2014

The End

I haven't made time to describe our trip. I'm thumb typing from a Super 8 in Jackson, Minnesota. Here's a little randomness: 
  • Reading "Little Town on the Prairie" to each other in the car was the perfect way to set off our exploration off where the Wilders lived in DeSmet. 
  • After becoming a little jaded by scenic beauty Devil's Tower still left us gobsmacked. 
  • A second trip to say goodbye to the Badlands was a good idea. Julia and I made some of those little hills our own. 
  • Allie's fever has me worried. Deb had food poisoning? Our hotel room in Spearfish become a late-night infirmary. 
  • Is that a missile silo? 
  • South Dakota's billboards show no love to travelers headed east on I90. 
  • No bad bananas. Thanks to Deb, no bad bananas. 
  • We can be really nasty to one another. We can be really kind to on another. We crack each other up. 
  • Six more hours to go and then we'll be home again.