Monday, July 14, 2014


Deb's trip planning skills have made the past four days a wonderful experience. I was anticipating an endless, life-sucking ride, trapped in a Mazda with people I'm already convinced I don't like. Instead we've been (for the most part) civil and entertaining to one another. Even Deb's plan to read out loud has worked out. 

I've seen the badlands. I've touched them. I scrambled around the hills and crevices with my family. It was good. 

Watching Allie and Julia has been one of the best parts so far. I know I don't have long before experiences like this simply are no longer possible. So when one of them grabs my hand as we walk or leans a tired head in my shoulder or giggles at one of my stupid comments I drink it in and smile. 

I'm writing this outside of a trail riding place in Custer SD. I weigh too much to ride so I need to kill a little time. This is the first time my weight has kept me from doing something I've wanted to do. I'm not sure what my reaction to this will be. Right now I'm a little dejected. 

I still have Mt Rushmore in my head. That seems to balance things a little.