Friday, August 24, 2012

Vacation Blog - Tubing

Dragging an inflatable behind a pontoon boat is a bigger adventure than I thought it would be. Claudette and Pam are here and they both held on while Deb tried her best to loosen their grips on the big tube by slamming it into the waves.

It took about 15 to 20 minutes to coax Julia into the water then on to the tube. She cried, she yelled, she thrashed a little at one point. She finally got on with me by her side and Deb opened the throttle. Of course she thought it was awesome. It's the same pattern, time after time. It makes me tired; like moving bricks but the results are worth it.

We fished a little and had no luck.

Walking two blocks to the small pub in town for dinner was worth it. The burritos were packed with beef and I ate too much. Allie and Julia were busy trying win quarters from the machine that shoves coins toward an edge. I'm not describing it very well, but the point is the girls were gambling for brief periods of the evening.

I like swimming at night. All six of us were floating, splashing and gossiping under half a moon. The small, heated pool provided good contrast to the cool, expansive lake.

This morning I fried bacon from a farm that sells "Natural Meats". It was about the only thing that Debbie would allow me to buy while we were there. I have to admit the farm was a little scary. All the buildings were falling apart and there was trash, bones and feathers strewn all over the place. Four big dogs came running toward us as we got out the car. Allie said that she notice a man in a barn chewing on what look to be a piece of meat. He'd take a bite, let the dogs chew on it then return to enjoying it himself.

There were large freezers and a display cooler covered by a quilt so the condensation wouldn't pool on the floor. Looking into the the display cooler was like peering into chicken hell. The carcasses were unidentifiable portions of birds that created an infinite tunnel of chicken flesh that promised something really nasty the deeper you went.

Deb made some excuse about not being in town long enough to buy steaks. The woman behind the cooler knew Deb didn't want to eat anything from this place and didn't seemed offended at all by the fact that my wife thought her place of business was icky.

The bacon was good; cured naturally with celery salt.

Now it's time to go back out and try to catch a fish.