Friday, August 24, 2012

Vacation Blog - Sunset

After Claudette and Pam left I grabbed a kayak from the garage and paddled out on the lake. The current was stronger than I anticipated. My inexperience and puny arms meant getting to where I wanted to be took some effort. I finally arrived at the lily pads and grabbed three huge blooms to take back to the girls.

After I made it back to shore I kept the kayak out for Allie. She paddled near the shore, grunted in frustration when the craft wouldn't behave and decided ten minutes was enough to get a real feel for the experience.

The whirlpool bath I took was filled with bubbles.

After dinner we decided to take a sunset cruise on the lake. We caught ten minutes of the sun descending the in sky before it disappeared. It was one of the most lovely ten minutes I've ever had. I thought the sunset was gorgeous, but taking a moment to look around and watch the faces of my family was awesome. 

As soon as the sun was gone we decided to throw some worms in the water. Dave told us that we should be fishing in deep pockets in the lake if we wanted to catch some fish. We tried it. No luck. We will not be catching any fish on this trip.

I think I'm done fishing. 

Tomorrow we'll try to buy some things from the Amish. I'd love to get some dresses for the girls but really all I want are some bread and butter pickles. Debbie says we might pick up some baked goods and candy. She says she wants to see some quilts.

It's a long freakin' walk to the garbage dumpsters in this place.

Water-proof cameras are very cool. 

Just to jog our memories in the future I'll type this: Scary Jerry.