Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Not Hip Enough to Twitter

Since it takes me three days to text anything and I haven't signed up for a Twitter account here's what's going on in 140 character or less tidbits:

-Mom ran into Matt Damon at the mall today. No kidding. She says he's a cutie. Pictures? Maybe soon.

-Motorcycle didn't run. Took it apart; big time. Replaced some things. Now it runs. I only have two parts left over. Shocked and amazed I pulled it off.

-Allie had a bad day today. Fought with friend. Left coat at school. Didn't have swimsuit. Dropped ice cream. She was a mess. Ate some noodles. Took a bath. Life not so bad.

-Julia is fine. That's all I have to say about Julia.

-Deb needs to get new contacts and was supposed to email her Dr. this evening. I bet she didn't.

-Glenn and Judy got sick during their visit. Judy is coughing. Glenn is doing something else.

-Doctor prescribed cough medicine with codeine. It has made me really loopy, forgetful and unable to think clearly. In other words, the narcotic has had little or no impact.


Dwayne said...

Love the new format - more informative, less you!

Donna said...

She seriously ran into Matt Damon?!

That's so cool!