Friday, April 25, 2008

Hollywood Minute

Donna is going to be in a Johnny Depp movie. That’s great and I’m really excited but her news pales in comparison to what I found out last night.

My Mom called to let me know their old Mercedes is going to be in a Matt Damon movie.

That’s right. A car I rode in - a car I’ve driven on more than one occasion will have (what I imagine to be) an extremely prominent role in a new Steven Soderburgh production starring Matt Damon. Of course my parents don't actually own the car anymore so they won't get the $270 a day payment from the production company but that's not really the point.

It’s not my intention to steal anyone’s thunder by sharing this information. But there’s no denying this announcement is far more exciting than any other Hollywood related news you may have recently read.


Anonymous said...

Shame Dan isn't running his claim to fame competition again - I would have used this "My son in law is friends with a man from Madison who's Mum & Dad had a car ........"

Anonymous said...

I laughed when my Mom told me this. I'm guessing their old car will be in a parking obscured behind a big SUV. We'll see the bumper.

Donna said...

Do they really pay $270 a day to use a car??

I believe the rate of pay for an Extra is less than $60 for eight hours "work." Although they do feed you, and hey, I might get a crappy haircut out of the deal, so bonus me.

Anonymous said...

I think $270 is what Marcia said. But you did get from this post that everyone thinks your news is incredible?

$60 a day w/lunch. A bad haircut. Hobnobbing with celebs. Immortality.

My friend you are going to be in a movie! And we're not talking "Zombie Strippers". Please tell me you're still peeing your pants.

Donna said...

Yeah, I'm pretty psyched! My wardrobe fitting is this week Thursday, and it sounds like I'll be on set for filming May 7th and maybe the 8th. Check my blog for updates-- I'll be posting to let everyone know how it goes!