Tuesday, April 26, 2005

They Also Call it Smack

I scraped the car with the garbage can this morning.

Two big scratches in the side.

It was entirely preventable and yet I allowed it to happened. The car will probably rust prematurely and I'm sure I depreciated it's value by a couple grand.

The scratches will become a huge contributor to my already foul mood and bad attitude. Eventually this will lead to me being let go at work. After we've exhausted our savings I might be lucky enough to land a job interview. The person deciding my fate will see me get out of my scratched-up Pontiac. He/she will decide right there and then that I'm not the kind of person they want in his/her organization. That's when I'll get my first taste of heroin. I'll become a junkie and start selling the girls' toys so I can ride the white dragon.

This entire scenario will play itself out in a two month period. So if you're looking for bargains on Barbies and Leap Pad modules, give me a call in early July.

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