Sunday, January 09, 2005

Walk. Walk. Squat.

Allie’s latest song goes something like this:

Love will make you stand on a chair.
Love will make you comb your hair.
Love will make you wash your toes.
Love will make you puke like a dog.


Allie, Julia and I played out in the snow on Saturday. While Allie shoveled and played News (she was a reporter named, Jenny, broadcasting live from a blizzard) I followed Julia up and down the sidewalk and out into the street.

Julia could have given a shit about the snow. In fact, judging from the way she shrieked every time she touched the stuff, she hated the snow.

She was just happy to be out of the house. She took off down the middle of the street as if she’d been released from a flaming kennel. She’d stop, every now and again, to do what I call the Toddler Squat. It’s the sudden deep knee bend she did to check out whatever anomaly there was in the snow. It had a rhythm to it. Walk. Walk. Squat (bottle cap). Walk. Walk. Squat (piece of foil). Walk. Walk. Squat (Uh, is that what I think that is? Oooo. Julia, get away. Don't touch, Julia).

She was slowing traffic. Not because she was in the middle of the road, but because people were slowing down to see what she was. Julia was pretty much all coat with feet at the bottom. She’s wearing Allie’s old coat and it’s much larger than she is. Here, I drew you a picture:

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