Sunday, January 25, 2004

HDTV is really nice except for all the sweat.

I'm watching all the HD programming and the thing that sticks out for me is I can see the sweat on people's heads. I realize it must get pretty hot under TV lights. That's why Letterman keeps the Ed Sullivan Theater so cold. He's perfectly comfortable in front of an audience full of pairs of puckered nipples.

Eric, from the cable company, gave us HDTV on Saturday. Eric and I stood down here in the basement and watched a concert pianist. The pianist was sweating like a pig. The camera would zoom in on the guy and you could see the fluid spill out of his pores.

Next was a talk show with a bald host. You could see the droplets bead up on the host's head like a steamed windshield. After that Chick Corea was in concert and, sure enough, everyone in the band was covered with sweat.

Swimming in video sweat isn't so bad when it's digitally enhanced. In fact, I'll say that about anything in high def.

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