Friday, December 09, 2016

12:00 a.m. Outside My Window

A man and a woman walking two small dogs. The little dogs are wearing sweaters. The man and woman are wearing long, puffy coats and matching headlamps. It's midnight and 22 degrees. I can see precisely where the man and woman are looking because those areas are illuminated. About every ten steps they stop and watch their little dogs smell and pee on things. It's all brightly lit by the headlamps. 

Walking tiny dogs in the middle of the night isn't all that strange (even in the cold). Dressing alike happens to couples more times than anyone wants to admit. It's the headlamps that have led me to try and work out what I've seen here, in this blog. 

Have I witnessed my future? I can see Deb getting me the latest in headlamp tech for Christmas. I can see me reciprocating and getting her one of her own. Now what? We have the gear and now we need an excuse.