Friday, July 17, 2015

101 Degrees

We leave for the Smoky Mountains in about an hour. I told Deb that I was going to check out the weather there and she told me not to do it. When I saw three digits instead of just two I understood why.

I can handle the heat. It's the gallons of fluid that runs out of my pores that makes life inconvenient. I'm glad because after this vacation Deb will have no argument about enduring the temperatures of a beach-related getaway. Sun and sand next year - it's sealed.

We scrambled at the office to get projects finished. We worked hard to made things ready so our car will run smoothly and our house will be welcoming when we return. We cleared our phones so there will be space for pics. We packed. We have a house sitter to take care of the cats and the aging fruit in the fridge is headed to a landfill (sad).

We're all being pleasant to one another because we know we're going to share close quarters (there will be plenty of time for meltdowns later).

Of course Deb's itinerary is detailed, color-coded (I sort of wish that was a joke) and incredible. She's a fount of good bananas. Regardless of how things go, it won't be for a lack of serious thought and skilled, inspired planning.

I'm going to try and post from the phone and record this road trip. I did a crappy job last year and I didn't capture as much as I would have/should have. The rate of change in the girls is scary and I'm in a panic to take advantage of any time with them I can get.

We're ready.

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