Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I hate the big watch trend. 46mm cases are too damn big. I like fairly traditional designs that don’t eat your wrist. I know that cell phones have forced the wristwatch to make the transition from tool to jewelry. However, just because you’re wearing a watch for other people to see doesn't mean it needs to be big enough for them to see it via Google Maps. I wouldn't be so riled up about this but I can’t find a “normal”-sized watch anymore (38 to 44mm). I find a face and a movement at a price that interests me and when I’m ready to buy I notice that the watch is of Flavor Flav proportions. I’m better off building a small enclosure and passing it off as a backyard clock tower.

This is my holy grail watch:

The Omega Speedmaster “Moon” watch. Someday, when I've paid for educations and have enough saved so Deb and I can have a cat food-free retirement, I will buy this watch.  The case size is 42mm, by the way.

Allie had her first real tennis match. She drove two hours each way, waited three and a half hours and got 15 minutes of court time resulting in a 6-0 loss. She said she had some good shots but her doubles partner wasn't holding up her end of the bargain. I don’t want her to be discouraged but there was very little I could do to put a positive spin on the experience (yes, spin, tennis, funny). The cool part is whatever she gets to do from this point forward has to be better. She got her bad banana out of the way early.

Julia wants to, “get good at tennis”. When I throw balls at her I see the potential but I don’t think she’s really into it. It’s clear that five minutes on YouTube kicks the crap out of five minutes of court time. But she’s out there with me and that makes me smile. I actually smile on the inside. Most of the time I’m showing her a grimace on the court because she’s too distracted by insects, her hair, my hair, clouds, strange smells and the slight twinge she has in her shoulder to worry about making contact with the ball.

Deb has suggested that we walk a half marathon in late October. I could do that right now if I needed to. I’d be sore, blistered and miserable afterward but I could make it and probably (despite my wife's certain objections) at the same pace as Deb. That said what I’d like to do is turn the event into an excuse to get into better shape. So I plan to get some walks in each night. I have two months from now. Better go buy some shit because I really can’t do anything without buying some equipment first. I’ll look into things and set my budget at  around $4,000.

Oh, hey. . . that’s about the cost of a Speedmaster.