Thursday, February 23, 2012

Julia Denied

Last night Allie, Julia and I were reading old blog posts. Most of them involved Allie in some way.

You see, my blogging career was in full swing when Allie was a toddler. I recorded every little detail of her development. In contrast, when Julia was spouting her bon mots and doing all sorts of cute stuff my desire to blog was waning.

It's not fair.

Julia deserves to have all the embarrassing details of her life recorded with her sister's. That's why I'm going to start writing here again.

This evening, I'd like to report that Julia is a psycho.

It's Thursday so Deb is at school. Tonight she's taking her mid-term exam. This means that the girls and I usually find a place to go out for dinner. The last few Thursdays we've found some pretty interesting places to dine. Like the Mexican restaurant run by an frighteningly cheerful man who asked us several times if we were enjoying our meals. When we told him everything was delightful he clutched his heart and in a very thick Mexican accent swooned, "This is music to my ears!"

The girls liked this almost as much as the mango soda.

Tonight was a different story. Allie started whining about where I suggested we go for dinner which truly pissed me off. So I drove their spoiled butts to McDonalds just so I could cram something down their throats and take them home. My goal was to get home quickly so I can sit here and pretend they're away at boarding school while I type.

Julia refused to order. She would only whisper things to me. Maddie, the girl at the counter, waiting patiently while my daughter behaved like it was the first time I took the padlock off her bedroom door. I insisted that she tell Maddie what she wanted. Julia insisted on trying to whisper her order to me.

Julia's explanation was that she is shy. My explanation is her eight year-old brain is damaged.

Allie is upset and blames my crankiness on my diffculties at work. I place the blame squarely on their shoulders. Regardless we're all in our neutral corners while we wait for round two.