Monday, May 25, 2009

Evelyn in Three Minutes

We met Evelyn at the book store. She was in a wheelchair accompanied by a man with a big growth on his neck.

Here's what Allie, Julia and I learned about Evelyn in approximately three minutes:
  • Evelyn was blind for four months.
  • Now she can see again no thanks to that dumbass doctor.
  • She off the medicine and feeling much better.
  • She's writing a book entitled, "You Think Your Life Sucks You Should Try Mine".
  • She's seriously going to write the book.
  • She grew up during the Great Depression.
  • When she was a girl she would stand in line for hours to get food that had to last her family an entire week.
  • She wasn't invited to a wedding a few years ago because a family member called her a dirty slut.
  • Evelyn has a tiny Green Bay Packer duffel bag filled with new $1 coins that she hands out to kids who are adorable.
  • Evelyn was molested by her father.
  • She loves her grandchildren.
  • She's very fond of her granddaughter who lives far away.
  • Evelyn has a photo mounted on a small piece of cardboard of her granddaughter sitting on a couch with four men sporting camouflage T-shirts and tattoos.
  • The man with the growth not only pushes Evelyn around in her wheelchair but he also softly affirms or rephrases everything Evelyn says as he looks for books.
  • Evelyn has two cats.
  • Evelyn carries around pictures of her cats mounted on small pieces of cardboard.
  • Evelyn punctuates many of her sentences with bad words.