Saturday, November 29, 2008

There are No Pictures of Thanksgiving This Year

I brought the camera. I left the camera's battery charging in a wall socket at the in-laws. I didn't think to use the camera in the phone. This means I missed the elaborate chicken dance choreography that Allie, Julia and their aunties worked out before the meal. I missed capturing the smiles, the obligatory shots of a beautiful turkey and plates filled with goodies. There is none of the usual video footage of my daughters gambling coins from their piggy banks and losing them to their relatives.

I was very forgetful this trip. It's the explanation for why I couldn't stay awake. After the meal I fell asleep on the floor behind a couch. See, I forgot something else essential to my well being. Left it at home on our bed.

I did remember the DS. I spent large chunks of time playing this dumb puzzle game I bought for it. So while I wasn't distracted by the game, I was drowsy and a little more disconnected than usual.

I did have a nice holiday, though. The company (when I saw them) was wonderful. There was a warm fire and a huge HD screen filled with images of the Lions getting trounced. I had my thrice yearly Old Fashions expertly crafted by my sister-in-laws. I peeled carrots and potatoes with a brand new peeler. I sat and digested huge amounts of food while I stared out a big window at snow on the ground and lights on the neighbors' lawns. I got to see bits of an old Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors match from 1977. I learned all about the new HD receivers for the Feb. 2009 conversion. I had a slumber party each night with Julia and I got to walk with a cane. I had lunch in one of the coolest grocery stores I've ever visited and used mint scented hand sanitizer after filling up the car with gas.

There are no pictures of Thanksgiving this year. But that doesn't mean I'll forget it anytime soon.