Thursday, September 27, 2007


After a little too much driving we made it to Kenmare. Deb and I just got back from walking through a cow pasture to get a closer look at the bay that our room overlooks. This was our second try. The first time the cattle started to mosey toward me and I didn't have the courage to continue until I had some reassurance. The inn's owner, Owen told me they would be cool with the intrusion. So Deb and I made our way to the bay.

It was beautiful. We sat on a rock and watched as the sun set on the Caha mountains. The sun set. That means we walked back in the dark. We walked back in the dark through a cow pasture. I walked ahead of Deb in order to throw myself on a landmine if need be. All I heard from behind me was, I can't see shit. This is a lot of crap. . . and assorted other poo jokes.

Our first day didn't go quite so smoothly, but for every bad thing that happened, Deb reminded us both about something good to trump it. In other words, we're very happy to be here.

Happy birthday, Kerry!

Deb is calling me from the other room to show me something. Better go check it out.


bon bon said...

your luck that those cows are fitted with wifi!

Anonymous said...

Archie & I were on a boating holiday once when we had to go across a cow field to get to the nearest pub. We could see the cow pats in the dark - they glowed - wonder what they fed the cows on?