Friday, August 10, 2007


Sunday, when Julia went away to spend a week with her grandparents we thought that might be a good time to separate her from her blankie. Reports tell us that Julia did fine all week long without her best friend so I think we'll keep pretending her worn, pink blanket belongs to the ages.

Unfortunately, Operation: Grosse Pointe Blankie has become a little more elaborate than I expected. Everyone is in on it including Allie. Tonight Allie and I put on a little dog and pony show to distract Julia as I snatched her blankie from her backpack and slammed it inside our blanket chest.

Julia thinks blankie is lost.

Right now she's standing eight feet away from her most treasured possession. Right now she's watching me type this blog and right now she still doesn't realize how easily any of us could produce the goods.



Julia is a big poopy head who doesn't know she could turn around, open a chest and be reunited with her one, true love in a matter of seconds.

Someday, when she reads this, I'm going to be in deep shit.


Anonymous said...

We were anticipating a rough go at separating Lourdes from her binkie and her blankie. She forgot both at a store one evening this past spring and we rushed back to get them so as to avoid any problems. Fortunately they were there. Within a week, she lost them again, this time at Wal-Mart. We went back to find them and they weren't there. Lourdes was a little sad, but quite accepting that they were gone.

Anonymous said...

You are a nasty man Mr Lee.

You do realise that her sister is going to tell her about this long before she ever reads it.

Anonymous said...

My sister's blankie was STOLEN from our hotel in Chicago during a family vacation. Imagine that the housekeeping staff was not clever enough to find my dad's wallet in his boot, but was genius enough to know the true value of the blankie and capture it. Of course, in Karla's defense, the man checking in before us had left his car running during the check-in process and returned abruptly during our turn to proclaim that his car had been stolen. And the hotel DID have locking gates around the parking lot. (We were from a small town in Wisconsin ... the big city was full of adventure and my parents obviously were unaware of Chicago geography when booking a hotel over the phone. Thank goodness for the internet!)