Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How to Make a Little Girl's Week

I know it says it's from Nevada, but this box came by way of Huddersfield.

Do you know how Dan and Kerry first met? They both had parents who decided to train their kids to be buskers. By the age of four, Dan and Kerry were forced to spend their days in public areas juggling, bending balloons, biting the heads off chickens and selling origami sculpture.

When they were here, Dan and Kerry identified the same cash generating potential in our children. That's why they sent us a book of origami patterns and some special origami paper to get Allie and Julia started.

As soon as I find a small, live chicken Allie and Julia will be on their way to selling paper penguins up and down the sidewalks during this year's Syttende Mai.

Don't worry Dan and Kerry; you'll get a piece of the action.


Anonymous said...

The package was a belated thank you for having us present. With the pound being as strong as it is and the dollar being as weak it only cost us 10p.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed, that apostrophe in "The Lee's" shouldn't really be there.

Damn my bad gramme'r!