Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Horror

Allie had her appliance installed today. This is what it looks like:

Getting the thing put in her mouth was no problem. She sat down, they slapped some glue on the thing and then crammed it into her pie hole.

The crying didn't start until dinner time. Later I asked her why she cried she told me, "Because I didn't know how to get the food down." She says it hurts her tongue because she has a sore and when she brushes it against her "spacer" it starts to hurt.

Tonight we watched the 1966 film, Queen of Blood. I asked the girls what they thought. Allie says, "It was kinda good." Julia says, "Not Good. I don't like the alien bite lady."

Allie is not happy that I'm typing as she speaks. Stop blogging, daddy! You're not sending this to Dan are you?

Well, no.

At least not directly. . .


Anonymous said...

What is that thing?

Why does she need to wear it / what is it supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

I remember when kyle had to wear one of those for several years before he got his braces,then it was called a nord appliance,and for Halloween one year mom got all the grandkids carmel apples,I remember the comment he had to say Nan want I'm I going to do with this she said eat it he said I have braces she said oh I forgot,so Allie if Nan gets you a carmel apple it's mine.Aunt Pam

Deb said...

It's a spacer that she has to wear for a year, to correct the crossbite that she has even though she stopped sucking her thumb when she was 4. If it works, she may be able to avoid needing braces later.

Anonymous said...

Tell her she doesn't need to worry, I rarely read your pointless drivel anyway.