Thursday, April 06, 2006

Poor Tom

Tom Cruise says his dad was a bully and a coward.

I don’t know the details about the events that led Tom to this conclusion. However it makes me wonder what Allie thinks.

After all, I’m much bigger, very loud and often times belligerent. I certainly do push her around on a regular basis for what must seem like no good reason. I’ve made her cry. I’ve kept her apart from things she wants. I’ve been hypocritical more than a few times. I’ve been capricious with discipline. My patience with her and her sister is a very scarce commodity and they both know it. On occasion I’ve been cruel to her just for my own amusement. Hell, I’ve even denied her food.

All of these things are true.

In the not too distant future, Allie will be speaking to the press. Could be from a podium, might be from a prison cell; regardless I’m confident she’ll have contact with the media. She will tell people I was a bully.

I hope I’m still alive when she does it.

So I can kick her square in the ass.

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