Saturday, February 11, 2006

Judy is Watching

Saturday morning and the girls have invaded our bedroom. They're sitting on the bed experimenting with minor irritations to provoke reactions from one another. They are bored. They will ease their boredom by screaming at each other.

Deb is on the phone with her mom, Judy. Judy says our blog is tiresome. She's sick of looking at Allie's green mouth. "It only takes a few minutes a day," she claims. When we told her to write her own blog she said her life is too boring.

Soon I will post Judy's phone number and home address. This way you can, if you'd like, contact Judy and let her know if you agree with her. I realize if you're visiting here from another country that it will be a toll call. Simply reverse the charges; Judy won't mind a bit.

We have heard a rumor that Grandma Ellen just got a new Mac. We're thrilled. We have waited a long time for her to get a computer.

Debbie just said to her mom that I'm typing nasty things about her. Allie asked, "Why are you typing nasty things about Grandma?" Deb said, "Because grandma complained that we never blog."

I just turned to them both and said, "I'm not typing nasty things about Grandma. That's for my next post."

Stay tuned. Soon I'll write about the time Judy was busted for dealing drugs outside a school yard when she was actually just trying to steal a puppy she could use to pack her heroin in for safe transport.

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