Sunday, January 22, 2006

Looking Up 2005 Baking Injury Statistics

I snapped this shot with the camera phone. If you look you can see the fence at the bottom of the hill. If you're on a sled the fence is what keeps you from flying into the river.

Someone was smart enough (nice enough) to place some hay bales at the bottom of the hill. I'm not so sure there was hay in those bales. They hurt when Allie and I hit them. Poor Allie was at the front of the sled on our second run and she bore the brunt of the impact.

Her leg flopped over in the snow at an unnatural angle. When I saw the tears running down her cheeks I was ready to dial 911. Half a minute later she was running around yelling, "THAT WAS AWESOME!"

She was hooked.

She wanted to go back today.

Instead she's upstairs baking bread with her mother.

See, last I heard there aren't too many ambulance calls attributed to baking.

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