Sunday, June 26, 2005

Marmite Taste Test #1

It blows. It sucks. However you want to say it I now have proof (not that I required it) this stuff is nasty.

I brought a jar of Marmite to work along with some Wheat Thins. I spread some of the sticky, brown goo on the crackers and left them on a plate. Next to my unholy appetizers I placed a pad of paper that read, "What do you think of Marmite?"

Here's what they wrote:

1. The worst chocolate sauce ever.
2. EWW - - - -
3. So that's what happens when you mess up a batch of wort. . .
4. Get your money back - this jar has gone bad!!!!
5. Whoa.
6. Tastes "funny." Paradoxically, both funny weird AND funny Ha Ha. That's all. Gotta go to the vomitorium.

My friend Donna wrote a haiku:

Smoked, salty yeast sauce
Hardens to a deep brown glaze
More like brine, or bile?

Then she wrote another one:

Lower fat wheat thins
Adorned with dark brown yeast sauce
No one liked his treat

Marmite is so bad a person was moved to commit haiku. That pretty much says it all.

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