Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Soup Wounds

It's time for another consumer rant. This time it's not mine. It's Debbie who has a problem.

Take a look at this picture:

You should know Debbie is not a broth person. She's a noodle, or in this case, a dumpling person. I'm not sure you can tell from the photo, but the Campbell Soup Company felt Debbie was getting her money's worth by providing just 4.2 dumplings in her lunch.

According to their 2004 annual report, Campbell Soup eliminated approximately 400 positions to improve our agility and streamline our decision-making process. Apparently while streamlining they got rid of the person who runs the machine that counts the number of dumplings they put into their soup.

I know every can of soup can't be perfect. And, like most of the U.S., we'll more than likely continue to be solid Campbell Soup customers. After all, Cream of Mushroom is often employed to make our pork chops more interesting. And what would a cheese-toasty be without a bowl of their Tomato Soup (prepared with milk, not water)? The homoplastic, over processed, corporate flavor of Campbell Soup has been a part of most of our lives since we were able to hold a spoon. Therefore I don't see many cans of Progresso in our future.

It's just that we're disappointed . . . let down by a can of soup.

I'll forward this post to the Campell Soup company and let you know what kind of response I get. I'm hoping they'll send us at least eight to twelve more dumplings via express mail. We'll use them in our next can of Chicken & Dumplings soup making Debbie's next bowl absolutely dumpilicious.

On second thought, I don't think I will contact Campbell Soup Company. I think we should just move on with our lives.

Then the healing can begin.

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