Friday, December 08, 2006

Dearth of Posts

Blog titles from the past few days that were never followed up by an actual blog post:

Metroid Causes Hemorrhoids
Is it Gout?
Starving the Cat
When Lazy Becomes a Felony
If Loving Butter is Wrong; I Don't Want to be Right
The Devil on Santa's Shoulder
When a Sock Becomes Toilet Paper
Things I've Found in my Navel
My Hair Loss as Metaphor
Watching Jacques Cut Up a Chicken
Why Allie's Snow Pants Almost Caused a Riot

I'm sure I'll actually get around to posting something soon. You should check it out. Whatever it is - it's going to be great. But first I need to caulk around the bathtub.

I won't be posting until I'm done caulking.

If you see a post after this then you'll know that there's fresh caulk around the tub.

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