Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Music Thursdays

Not a good workday today. However, I did listen to my iPod at work when I found the time. I mention that because I don’t usually bother to bring the thing to the office. This is mainly because I’m unable to write anything when I hear music with lyrics. I always wind up incorporating whatever I’m hearing into whatever I’m writing. Sometimes the results are kind of amusing, but if I’m trying to get something done it’s just annoying. The Smiths start ringing in my ears and suddenly You are human and you need to be loved - and we guarantee you’ll feel loved by our exclusive, online savings!

Same thing goes for loud conversations. I’m far too easily distracted for anything more demanding than smooth jazz when it’s time to write copy.

Fortunately today the tasks I had to take care of at work actually got a shot in the arm from the music. It was nice. However, I discovered myself hearing the first note of a lot of songs and hitting the skip button. I can write about the blessings and curses of discovering and enjoying music now that we mostly get single cuts and can skip those without the need to fast forward - but I’ll save that for another day. The real issue is that of the 2,000 or so songs that are crammed into my iPod, today I was only in the mood for a handful of them.

I’m either really fickle or I need some new music.

Please do me a favor and tell me about one or two of the songs that are raising the hair on the back of your neck these days. I’m in search of the same kind of bliss as when I discovered Imperial Bedroom and wore that cassette out on my Walkman. I am older; I know subtle psychological and hormonal changes mean that I’ll probably never get as excited as I was about Oingo Boingo, XTC or even Aaron Copeland. But who knows.

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