Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Three Things I Like. . .

that no one else seems to:

This stuff is great on cheese sandwiches and it works well with bologna. Whenever I crack open the jar both of my daughters make gagging noises and ask, "What's that smell?" I've never really asked Deb what she thinks. I can guess.

A guy I used to work with gave this to me. This pooping cow always disappears and then suddenly I find it again. Each rediscovery brings me joy. I give this thing a squeeze in front of others and nobody seems to share my joy.

Actually it's too soon to tell if other people aren't going to like these shoes. However, Deb already said they look like bowling shoes and Allie asked if they were for mowing. They were a surprise gift from my mom and I love them. Not only are they very comfortable but they have this Dryz technology to prevent them from getting smelly. Plus they have partially green soles. It's as if they were built just for me.

What do you like that everyone else seems to hate? Let me know.

And you can't use me as an example, Debbie.

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