Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Entire Lee Family Dyed Today

Egg coloring here was late by most peoples' standards. We do know that you're supposed to color them the night before Easter and then the bunny comes and hides them. However Saturday was beautiful and sunny and we spent a lot of it outside. Today was gray and rainy and we spent most of it inside decorating the eggs we should have done yesterday.

The morning got off to a bad start. After another 45 minute begging session Deb and I got Allie to relinquish another tooth yesterday. Unfortunately the coin the Tooth Fairy left fell off Allie's bed. She didn't find it when she woke this morning. Allie came downstairs and asked, "What are the rules about where the Tooth Fairy puts your money?" I told her the fairy puts the money where ever you left your tooth. It was obvious the fairy wasn't following the rules because Allie started to cry a little.

We found Allie's coin (a nice Susan B. Anthony dollar) and all was right in the world once again. Particularly when Allie realized it was Easter and there was a basket with her name on it in the house.

She found her Mom's basket first. Then she found Julia's. Fortunately, Allie's basket was hidden a little better than the first two. Allie's Mom and Julia came downstairs not a moment too soon. They all got a look at their goodies and the holiday was pretty much over. We watched a DVD Allie got in her basket (Chicken Little) and let our rainy, Easter day slip by.

My underwear is trying to kill me.

I thought the Hanes indicia on the waist band indicated the front of my boxer briefs. It does not. Turns out it is on the side. This would have been a good thing to know when I put one semi-wet leg into my underwear. It got caught on my damp foot. I hopped around enough to force the foot through the leg hole and tried to follow-up with the other leg. Because I was mistaken when I thought the Hanes logo revealed the proper orientation of my underwear the other foot got caught.

I started to topple over but thankfully the vanity caught my ass.

I had to take the underwear off and start over.

This time I took a long, hard look at the boxer briefs and tried again. This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened. But this time I think I have a legitimate beef with Hanes for misplacing their logo.

Just because I'm wearing them as I type this doesn't mean getting dressed was a success. It just means I'm not in need of a group home environment right now.

That comes when I perforate my sinus cavity with nose hair clippers.

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