Thursday, April 20, 2006

Geely. . . for a happy life.

Check out this Web site:

It’s for a Chinese car manufacturer that plans to launch its brand in the U.S. in 2008.

Here’s some copy describing their hatchback (it’s better if you read it out loud):
Its old name is "HS" It is belong to HQ family.Some body want lager space to put package when they go to travel.HQ(S-RV) will be your best choose,because it has a large space that ni can put more baggage.
I’m not making fun of the fractured English. After all, the person who wrote about this car has at least one language up on me. But I’m fascinated by the translations. They’re like little puzzles. For example: who the hell is ni and why does ni have enough luggage to necessitate an entire redesign?

The press releases are also pretty good:
Geely managed to sustain and project its glory and fame despite being in Detriot. . .
The same can be said for Kid Rock.

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