Sunday, April 23, 2006

For the Love of God, Stay Away From the Windows

A robin insisted on dive bombing one of the windows in my parent's sun porch. Not only was the poor bird constantly fighting with its own reflection, but it was shitting all over the window.

After a few days of this Mom decided to kill the bird.

That may be an overstatement. It's not exactly clear what motives Mom had. But she did put a glue trap on this robin's favorite perch.

Sure enough, a few days later, Mom saw the bird flopping around her backyard with a glue trap stuck to its legs.

Mom called Dave at work. She related the situation but made it clear he didn't need to leave work to take care of the bird (the bird she was obviously trying to murder). Dave understood the subtext of wife's message: Hurry home. I don't want to witness the nasty details of what I have wrought.

Dave came home and removed the glue trap from the robin's legs and set the bird free in the field across the street.

When Dave told us the story this weekend, it wasn't clear if the bird died. But from his tone we could tell he had his doubts about the robin's chances for survival.

Later this year the girls will be spending a week with their grandparents. We've already cautioned them not to fight with one another and made it very clear they should not shit on the windows.

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