Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sleeping in Airports

Thursday we left Julia with a baby sitter and Deb, Allie and I went out to dinner. Allie bellied-up to the bar and had a kiddy cocktail with an enormous straw and a paper umbrella. She took the umbrella to show-and-tell on Friday. I wonder what the kindergarten teacher must have thought.

Sun Jin (I'm sure that's not the corrected spelling but that's what her name sounded like) was our bartender. She was from Korea. It's amazing the things you find out about strangers when you're with a five-year old. If your kid likes you, then you must be a fairly good egg and therefore a person sometimes decides to share a little bit about his/her personal history. It's one of the perks of hanging with Allie.

Raul was from Acapulco. He was our Japanese hibachi chef. I can't remember the last time I had a chef of Asian descent at one of these restaurants. I have no issues. As long as he/she can juggle pepper grinders, create a flaming volcano fashioned from inverted onion rings and fling shrimp tails; I'm happy. Plus, the woman next to us kept speaking to Raul in Spanish which made the cultural potpourri all the more potent and fun.

I didn't really need much to have a good time, though. I loved being out on the town with Deb and Allie. The food was great and I'd polished off two very large bottles of Asahi beer. I don't drink much. So these two big bottles were enough to make me feel really good about the fact that my gut was about burst. It was a good kind of suffering.

I'm glad I had a great birthday week because next week isn't going to be much fun.

I'm typing this from the bedroom. The old G3 was far too cantankerous to handle OSX so I decided to put it out to pasture. I found a great deal on a newer G3 that I hoped would play nice with OSX. Unfortunately the company didn't want to ship that computer so I canceled my order. I still haven't heard from Surplus Computers so who knows, in about a month I might get another box. I hope not because I found an even better deal from a company called PC Exchange.

They sent me an email and told me that they were out of the G3's they advertised. They wondered if it would be okay if they sent me a G4 instead.


I'm writing to you on our new G4. Our new, sub-$100 G4.

Yeah, I feel fortunate. But I know I'll pay. Next week I'll be writing to you from the floor of the airport I'm stranded in. That's the way my luck seems to go.

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